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Jules Gimbrone
Jules Gimbrone
Pilar Gallegos
Zackary Drucker
Heather Cassils
Nicki Green
Nicki Green
Jules Gimbrone
Jules Gimbrone

Presented with the generous support of the City of West Hollywood. 

Design of posters and graphics by Sarah Gottesdiener

History of Transient

A few words about the show: Trans.ient is a curated group show that develops ideas about sharing and recognizing visibility within and outside of the transgender community. Built inside two U-Haul trucks, the show creates a space where trans/queer work can be seen in relationship to each other, instead of reconstructing that familiar space of opposition to the Other. The project brings awareness to predicated perceptions of our transgender lives and practice with cultural and historical relevance.


I created this exhibition in 2011 at CalArts as part of my MFA thesis. The work was exhibited in two U-Haul trucks on the CalArts campus, the artists participated in a moderated panel discussion in Los Angeles, and a publication was printed that went along with the work in the show.  


The U-Haul trucks, being an ever-flowing-and-changing space, lend to the idea of transition – contributing to the creation of a temporary space of movement and dialogue around trans (in)visibility. I want to drive discourse that extends beyond the object and the object’s immediately surrounding space and into the public sphere, which, I believe, builds true visibility. Curating this show creates an important dialogue that belongs both within a queer discourse and outside of that specific conversation. The trucks allow for a moving exhibition as a means to transport the conversation beyond the spaces that are familiar with it.

2011 Exhibition


2011 Exhibition Artists: Jules Rosskam, Malic Amayla, Johanna Breiding, Zackary Druker, and Oli Rodriguez.


Along with the exhibition a publication was created that included writings, bios and work by the exhibition artists and Erin O'Brien and Jai Arun Ravine.

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