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This archive of images traces trauma on two levels — the individual, by writing the trauma of the person killed onto the physical location of their killing; and the communal, by creating a collective memory of the transgender family we have lost to senseless violence. The project offers an opportunity to mourn for the person and mourn for our society and our lack of accountability for this ongoing genocide. Our lack of protection for black life is on the backs of every non-black person and is our responsibility as white people to dismantle white supremacy and kill this disease we are benefiting from. 


This work is a heartbreaking anthropological document, as a discreet record of loss for the transgender community. This project utilizes google maps by creating a subversion of a surveillance technology that is most often used to police similar marginalized communities and intended to erase them (through police violence, the prison industrial complex, lack of access to medical care, and poverty). These satellite images create a placement for the viewer and an immediate connection to the trans bodies that took their last breath in these locations. The deaths of trans people is a genocide, a mass slaughter- specifically trans women of color. This project aims to bring awareness to this reality through subtle images of space.